provocative text replacement in famous literature

What is this?

biblemunger is a stupid thing that will replace arbitrary text in the Bible with other arbitrary text. It is, as they say, good clean fun!

It was inspired by some of my favorite articles on The Toast, like this one.

It's easy to use, simply

What else should I know about it?

Note that it will even search/replace just a part of a word. For instance, in the "servant" ⇒ "uber driver" search, note that some verses now refer to menuber drivers and maiduber drivers (from menservants and maidservants).

However, it does search/replace numbers and punctuation, not just letters, so if the above behavior is undesirable, surround your search and your replacement with spaces. For example, "servant" ⇒ "uber driver" will only find instances of "servant" when it's surrounded by spaces. (This also means that it will not find results of "servant" when followed by punctuation.)

One final thing to note: because it's so strict, it currently is case sensitive, such that LORD ⇒ kickstarter backer will find completely different results than lord ⇒ kickstarter backer, which will find completely different results than Lord ⇒ kickstarter backer. This means that, currently, an uncapitalized search term will never match a word that begins a sentence.


biblemunger was written by Micah.

Contributions are welcome